Kate Ashton

Be Honest with Yourself & Others

Day 1: 12:35 pm – 12:55 pm

Thriving on being better every day.

Kate is not someone who is ever off duty, with 22 years of selling in the same regional area, reputation and success is important both in business and being a local community member. When you live and work in a small community, people talk, so it’s a non negotiable to be authentic if you want to do well. And it really helps to have an energetic and enthusiastic attitude, to not just real estate but life.
Building the reputation of Real Estate Kate locally over the last two decades, has been about not only growing her business to be constantly the number one local agent, but also to encourage the best results, honestly with an ethical approach to real estate and being accountable.

And it’s really ok to be different from others – we are not all the same as each other, and she didn’t grow up with the meat and three veggies childhood.

Being relatable to clients, making time to listen and also sometimes saying no is ok.

A lot of hard work has gone into being a million dollar agent again, it hasn’t been easy, but what in life is. Sometimes there is a light bulb moment of working out WHY! And it happened FAST once she started believing in herself, and accepting that it’s ok to always be improving and to celebrate achievements along the way.

Real Estate Kate prides herself on being the same person in and out of work, being authentic has
her recognised in the Goldfields region of Victoria as being the top agent and a local trusted real estate adviser.

  1. FWOT - Yes you can do it
  2. Don’t stop wanting to be better
  3. Seek and you shall find


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