Nedd Brockmann

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Day 2: 2:55 pm – 3:55 pm

Nedd Brockmann is a 23 year old sparky from Central West NSW that is focused on changing the world one step at a time.

Nedd is also now the fastest ever Australian to run across Australia, and second fastest in the world having completed the run from Perth to Bondi Beach in just over 46 days – an incredible effort averaging over 80km a day for the near 4000km run. He embarked on the run to try and raise money for homeless charity Mobilise and set himself a target of $1 million.

During his run, his daily Instagram updates captured the hearts and minds of Australia, culminating in an iconic moment at the finish line on a Monday afternoon at Bondi Beach where more than 10,000 people welcomed him home in an emotional finish that will be remembered for years.

Nedd’s relentless focus on never giving up and keep showing up has inspired the nation. His daily quote of ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable’ has resonated with all ages and demographics and is driving people and celebrities alike to take on new challenges.

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