Sean Hughes

Making the shift from chase to attract 

Day 1: 12:15 pm – 12:35 pm

A keen surfer, growing up on the West Coast – Sean was introduced to the Real Estate Industry by his mum, Jenny Hughes at the tender age of 18.

This year will mark Sean’s 25th year in the industry – sharing an anniversary with AREC!
#1 selling principle for Realmark every year since 2006, Director of Realmark Coastal #1 individual office in WA, #1 WA Office Rate My Agent 2023, #9 in REB Awards for 2023 (#1 WA Office on the list).

He has dominated the upper end of the WA Coastal Market consistently over the past 15+ years.

Sean has sold over $1.5bn personally in his career.

  1. How to get sellers come to you
  2. Tactics to make you an attractive brand agent
  3. How to book yourself solid with listings appointments


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